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Meet the Board of Creators

Vidhya Srinivasan - Founder and Designer

At Just Crapp, I'm the mastermind behind the creatives, a Sustainability Pro by day and a Waste Warrior by night, stationed in the vibrant Garden City - Bangalore, India. What kicked off as a simple hobby evolved into a fiery passion. My ultimate aim? To wrangle as much waste as possible and spin it into something extraordinary. Dreaming big, I wish I could zap away all the world's waste, preventing it from haunting land or sea, harming any of Earth's precious creatures.

I started Just Crapp - From Crap to Crafts in 2015, selling in market place called Etsy (I still do). My very first product line was - The Wine Cork collection. But here's the secret sauce: I've been a hoarder of sorts since childhood—chocolate wrappers, gift wraps, you name it! I just can't seem to let go. If one earring goes MIA, the survivor gets a promotion to pendant status, and suddenly, it's a fashion statement. My hubby has coined me 'Crap Bag,' inspired by Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So, there you have it—the birth of JustCrapp, where 'crap' meets creativity, and I turn everyday odds and ends into treasures that even Phoebe would be proud of!"

Initially, I ventured into jewelry crafting with wine corks, but soon realized those little suckers had more potential than I ever imagined. Suddenly, our home became a museum of cork creations—key holders, mobile stands, even a cork-inspired wall clock! But why stop at corks? I unleashed my imagination on everything from pencils to peanut shells and even repurposed earphones. My brain's on a perpetual treasure hunt—wherever I roam, my mind's busy scheming, 'What's the crafty potential in this waste?'

So here's my grand plan: I'm on a mission to snatch up waste materials from every nook and cranny, transforming them into responsible, innovative treasures. Think of it as the ultimate recycling superhero gig!



Kripa Mohan

Kripa Mohan - Designer

I'm a Chennai-ite who planted roots in the Garden City, Bangalore. I started off in the world of Commerce, but my heart fluttered towards Fashion Designing. Since childhood, I've been tinkering with everything from home decor to canvas painting. I've even been the magician behind my own wardrobe and occasionally sprinkled design magic on my friends' outfits. Now, I'm channeling my creativity into crafting designs for none other than Just Crapp!